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15 Jan

The Rise Of The British Seaside Holiday

For many years, it had to be said, our seaside towns have been in decline and Blackpool was set firmly on its journey downhill. With preconceptions of this coastal resort being a bit of a brash, arcade ridden, shabby (and not in a chic way), holiday area it is hardly surprising that B&B’s started closing their doors.

Yet fast forward to 2018, when the leftovers from the last full English should have hit the bin, and bookings are on the rise. So what has changed?

In short, UK holiday towns are having a much-needed makeover. Seaside towns are shaking off their scruffy image and embracing a more sophisticated feel. Blackpool itself is seeing some major redevelopment and new shops, restaurants and hotels are launching every week – ours included.

There will always be room in Blackpool for nostalgia. Fish and chips, buckets and spades, candy floss and seaside rocks won’t be going anywhere. Nostalgia is at the very root of our seaside towns – it’s what makes them totally unique. The layer upon layer of memories and yearning for simpler times is what makes some visitors holiday in the same seaside towns year-on-year.

We can’t lose that. But what we can do is re-invent ourselves without losing our authenticity. The old and new style Blackpool can sit in glorious juxtaposition.

The heyday of the 50’s British seaside holiday may be over, but a new kind of British seaside holiday is emerging – and The Stretton can’t wait to be part of it!

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